Quality Commitment

When it comes to purchasing your development API's, we believe that quality is key.

That's why providing to our customers the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients from manufacturing partners with full compliance to strict cGMP guidelines and who are regulated by leading authorities such as WHO, EDQM, TGA, US-FDA, UK-MHRA etc. is our number one priority.

The continuous evaluation through third party analysis, innovation and improvement of our quality and GMP production processes will assure you the highest degree of confidence in our products.

YES Pharma is committed to providing the highest GMP grade APIs, supported by a quality management system of continuous improvement. Our manufacturing partners
are fully compliant by following strict cGMP guidelines, and have obtained regulatory approval by leading government authorities. Utilizing our ISO9001:2008 quality management system, we are able to follow-up continuously on all of our manufacturers approvals and credentials by having all of our suppliers complete questionnaires on a regular basis.

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