Do you sell pharmaceutical products also outside Israel?

YES, of course . One of our main activities is international sales and trade in API's, Fine Chemicals, Intermediates and New Molecules . Our international sales team deals with small, medium and large multi-national companies . Your enquiry will receive special care and a quick response . Please email our international sales team at sales@yespharma.com.

I am a leading pharmaceutical producer with quality products . Will your company represent me for sales to Israeli clients?

YES . Please send your details and full product list to our regional sales team at israel@yespharma.com. Our regional sales team will thoroughly research and evaluate the business opportunities for your products in Israel . If there are any good business opportunities, we will discuss all aspects with you, and reach a mutually acceptable exclusive representation agreement.

I am an educated professional person with previous experience working at a local pharmaceutical/chemical company . Can I apply for a job at YES Pharma?

YES . Please email your CV and Cover Letter to cv@yespharma.com.
Our human resources manager will be in touch with you to arrange for an interview.

Your company is situated in Israel . Can you really ensure that my company located in Argentina will receive the product from China on time?

YES . We deal with expert logistics companies and freight forwarding agents situated in every major city worldwide, companies such as Geologistics, Lamprecht, Danzas and others . We have an excellent logistics centers in Hamburg, Germany and in Shanghai, China, where we can inspect products, re-label packaging and consolidate shipments for our worldwide clients . For any logistics query, pls email our logistics manager at logistics@yespharma.com

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