Our Team

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our core team consists of highly qualified professionals with excellent academic accreditations who are fully experienced in various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

All of our employees share the vision of a better future for patients, as well as the progress and success of our organization. The performance acclimatized work culture and accountable working approach of our company attracts top professionals, who strive to strengthen the organization's image as a global leader in the healthcare industry.

Our management team:

Mr. Gideon Schurder
CEO & Director

Education: BA degree in Economics and Logistics at Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel), and MBA degree with specialization in Marketing at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK).


Past Positions: 

- Commercial Director at LS Raw Materials Ltd, a leading pharmaceutical trading company, responsible for sourcing and sales of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates to multiple international clients, in charge of identification of new target markets and global business development for existing and new clients. 

- Operations Director of Albanian formulations factory - B.M Medical. 


Currently also holding position of Commercial Director at Stereokem, Inc; a US based company focused on development and manufacturing of DPP-IV inhibitor APIs (gliptins) for treatment of type 2 diabetes patients and Commercial Business Consultant for LGM Pharma, LLC; a US based company specializing in handling pharmaceutical development projects with a wide range of R&D-based formulation companies as well as various Contract Research, Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs)



- Member of the Israeli Chambers of Commerce; Global Health Network; Scrip Intelligence; International Drug Discovery Agency

To contact Mr. Gideon Schurder, email gideon@yespharma.com

Mr. Selwyn Lustman
Regional Sales Manager

(Newcastle, UK) Selwyn Lustman has worked several years for Israel's largest pharmacy group, Super-Pharm Ltd, as a Chief Chemist in charge of marketing and sales of pharmacy products. Prior to working at Super-Pharm, Selwyn worked as a Head Pharmacist at Israeli pharmaceutical company New Pharm Ltd, in charge of targeting new clients and responsible for identification & development of new and existing business relationships. Selwyn Lustman earned his B.Sc degree from London School of Pharmacy (London, UK) , and Post Graduate M.Sc Diploma in Pharmacy Marketing from Kings College (London, UK).

To contact Mr. Selwyn Lustman, email selwyn@yespharma.com

Mr. Menachem Weinberger
Strategic Business Consultant

(Tel Aviv, Israel) Menachem Weinberger has extensive working experience in the Israeli pharmaceutical industry. Menachem started his career teaching Organic Chemistry to laboratory technicians. Later he became a Sales Manager at Chemorad Chemicals, a supplier of chemicals for industrial production as well as laboratory use. Menachem has over 30 years experience working in different purchasing related positions Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in Israel. He started as a senior buyer at Teva's API division and later became the Purchasing Director of the Pharma Division having responsibility over all purchasing activities of Raw Materials and Packaging materials for the largest production unit of Teva globally. In his last position at Teva, he supervised all purchasing activities of the outsourcing production of Final Dosage Formulations in India. Menachem earned his B.Sc degree in Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel).

To contact Mr. Menachem Weinberger, email mw@yespharma.com

Ms. Aliza Sanders
Head of Logistics Operations & Customer Service Manager

(London, UK) Aliza Sanders has worked at several logistic and pharmaceutical related positions prior to joining Yes Pharma, including Pharmacy work in London where Aliza gained an extensive pharmaceutical background as Assistant Manager and at Beth Jacob College (London, UK) as Laboratory Assistant. Aliza was also employed by the London Borough of Barnet as a Contractor Performance Management Officer, responsible for monitoring and maintaining standards of contractor performance, as well as dealing with customer complaints and problem troubleshooting. Aliza studied at The School of Pharmacy, University of London (London, UK) before studying towards her B.Sc degree in Medical Science at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel)

To contact Ms. Aliza Sanders, email aliza@yespharma.com

Ms. Tzivia Derovan
Business Development Manager

(NY, USA) Tzivia Derovan has gained her pharmaceutical background from working at Hadassah Hospital (Jerusalem, Israel) and Beit Frankfurter Center for the Elderly, where Tzivia trained during studies for her B.A., including participation in various research projects. Tzivia Derovan has also worked for Israel's largest health fund - Kupat Holim Clalit, Mental Health Division - undergoing extensive professional training and involvement in several research studies including working with varied population groups. Prior to joining YES Pharma, Tzivia worked for several years as leading Sales Manager at the leading international realty company RE/MAX, involved in marketing properties, client base development, facilitating negotiations and provision of business services. Tzivia earned her BA in Social Studies from Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel), and completed a Business and Marketing training course at RE/MAX international.

To contact Ms. Tzivia Derovan, email tzivia@yespharma.com

Ms. Dikla Gonen-Klein
Operations Manager

(Tzora, Israel)

To contact Ms. Dikla Gonen-Klein, email dikla@yespharma.com

Ms. Sharona Rosenberg
Logistics Manager

(Montreal, Canada) Sharona Rosenberg has extensive working experience as Line Producer for DPSI / IDT Entertainment Company, in charge of overall production of CG series; cost analysis, budgeting, scheduling, animation analysis, outsourcing and administration of multiple work teams located in India, Russia and the USA. Prior to joining YES Pharma, Sharona worked as Project Manager for IDT Global (Israel office), researching and identifying industries and target markets. Responsibilities included budgeting and finance scheduling, script-writing, editing, creation and production of a textual workbook and managing employee teams. Sharona studied at the Hebrew Academy of Montreal (Montreal, Canada) and at Midreshet Lindenbaum (Jerusalem, Israel), before earning her B.Sc degree from York University (Toronto, Canada).

To contact Ms. Sharona Rosenberg, email sharona@yespharma.com

Ms. Marsha Twersky
Logistics / Office Manager

(NY, USA) Marsha Twersky has gained a wide range of logistical and management based experience, while working as office manager and personal assistant at several global companies, such as TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Alchemedia, Gefen Publishing and Oletex Industries, where Marsha was responsible for production schedules, scheduling shipments, and various administrative duties. Prior to joining YES Pharma, Marsha worked as Office Manager for DLSTEM Systems (Israel office), in charge of liaison with technologists and administrative staff of multiple hospitals in the USA. Responsibilities included maintaining patient history and reports, all hospital / doctor invoicing, as well as licensing and credentialing for ten doctors. Marsha studied at the Kingsborough Community College (Brooklyn, NY) where she earned her Associates Degree in Applied Science, and studied towards her Business Management degree at various colleges in NY, USA and in Jerusalem, Israel

To contact Ms. Marsha Twersky, email marsha@yespharma.com

Ms. Gilly Assraf
Logistics Manager

(Melbourne, Australia) Gilly Assraf has many years of business administration and logistics related experience, working for several firms & organizations in Israel and abroad, such as VTAC and the Beth Rivka College, in charge of preparation of grant submissions, health/safety/security policy manuals, adminitrative reports, staff training and instruction manuals. Prior to joining YES Pharma, Gilly worked for several years as an administrative assistant and clinical trial coordinator at Hadassah En Karem hospital (Jerusalem, Israel), both in the Donor department and at the Institute of Pulmonary Medicine, responsible for monitoring clinical research data and providing technical support to R&D teams for their Asthma & COPD clinical trials.

To contact Ms. Gilly Assraf, email gilly@yespharma.com

Ms. Miriam Karten
Logistics Manager

(Wellington, New Zealand) Miriam Karten has extensive experience working in various editorial positions at various companies, such as a team leader at Versaware Technologies Ltd and as a documentation manager and copywriter at NITZA - Israel's Center for Maternal Health, in charge of editing marketing material, benefactor correspondence, clinical form design, statistical analysis, generating reports on treatment and recovery, and informational articles. Prior to joining YES Pharma, Miriam worked on the editorial team at Feldheim Publishers, producing a range of fiction and academic literature and as main editor, responsible for copy-editing, proof-reading, inputting changes as well as correspondence with authors. Miriam completed her BA in French and Linguistics at Victoria University (Wellington, New Zealand)

To contact Ms. Miriam Karten, email miriam@yespharma.com

Ms. Tova Herrmann
Accounts Payable Manager

(NY, USA) Tova Herrmann, a qualified CPA, has gained considerable experience working in the accounting departments of several US and Israeli companies. As Senior Accountant at Deloitte & Touche LLP in NY, Tova was in charge of conducting annual audits and reports, creating company budgets and performing financial effectiveness analysis for several multinational customers. Tova also worked for several years as Financial Controller at Yavneh Academy in NJ, responsible for creating their annual budget, managing employee payroll and benefits, as well as establishing procedures and documents for the academy personnel. Prior to joining YES Pharma, Tova worked for five years as Financial Manager at Barzelan Ltd factory (a division of Yehuda Reshatot) in Israel, in charge of preparing monthly P&L reports, creating annual company budgeting, financial reports and report analysis for Board of Director meetings, as well as coordinating the semi-annual and annual audit of financial statements. Tova received her BS in Accounting (Magna Cum Laude) from Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business (NY, USA)

To contact Ms. Tova Herrmann, email tova@yespharma.com

Ms. Sarah Kurtz
Accounts Receivable Manager

(Wellington, New Zealand) Sarah Kurtz has obtained a wide and versatile working background at several different customer-service related positions. Working at Oletex Industries Ltd in Israel for several years, Sarah was in charge of production control, exporting, and costing while utilizing ERP systems and managing the coordination between several company departments. In addition, Sarah was responsible for exporting efficiency reports, contact and coordination with company customers and various export companies. Prior to joining YES Pharma, Sarah worked for three years as Purchasing Manager at Kramer Electronics Ltd in Israel, in charge of purchasing of electronic components in Israel and abroad, follow-up of orders, meeting company deadlines, searching, developing and maintaining relationships with suppliers abroad. Sarah earned her Industrial Management degree in Engineering from Ma'ale Adumim Academy, Israel, and has completed successfully several Book keeping and accounts-related courses at Chishuvit College, Israel.

To contact Ms. Sarah Kurtz, email sarah@yespharma.com

Ms. Ellen M. Shafner
Logistics Manager

Ellen Shafner, born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, came to YesPharma with extensive experience in business management, sales and marketing. When she received her degree in education/marketing from Touro College in New York, Ellen had already served for several years as a Vice President of Operations and Marketing at a multi-generation, family-owned department store in Rhode Island. Ellen moved to Israel sixteen years ago, and was able to quickly acclimate to the Israeli business environment, using her skills in sales, marketing and customer relations. Prior to assuming her position at YesPharma, Ellen served as a Customer Service Analyst at the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce, and as an International Trade Representative of Atid EDI Ltd. where she promoted and helped develop strategic business relationships between Israeli and American companies. Subsequently, she held key administrative and human resources positions at Solel Solar Systems Ltd. and Siemens Concentrated Solar Power (SCSP). Before assuming her position as Logistics Manager at YesPharma last year, Ellen worked in sales, marketing and customer services at the Barzelan Division of Yehuda Welded Mesh Ltd.

To contact Ms. Ellen M. Shafner, email ellen@yespharma.com


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