Social Responsibility

At YES Pharma, we are firm believers in the principle of giving back to the community.

We focus our corporate social investments in education, healthcare and critical human needs. Leveraging public-private partnerships, as well as investments of expertise and cash, we multiply impact and help our local communities thrive.

Investing for the Long Term

The goal of our social investments is to promote innovation, independence and long-term progress. We work hard to build programs and support organizations that thrive well beyond our investment - ones that put skill, confidence, and power into the hands of the people we work with.

This is why we look for opportunities to give in ways that help people extend their own abilities. We believe this multiplies the success of the communities and organizations we work with far beyond what we have invested

Follow the links below to explore what we're doing in the field of corporate social responsibility:

Mercaz Rakefet - Child Development Center

Mercaz Rakefet (MR) is a multidisciplinary child development center that combines assessment and treatment for children and teens for a variety of developmental challenges. A wide range of developmental specialists staff MR and foster a therapeutic environment where each child is motivated to reach his/her potential. MR provides treatment to over 500 children each year, reaching hundreds of families in the greater Beit Shemesh area.

Families of children with special needs are often overwhelmed by the "system" and the bureaucracy involved in getting services for their children. Upon entering the doors of MR, parents feel a warm welcome environment, that guides them through the various agencies to make sure that their child gets the help that he needs.

The assessments and treatments offered at MR include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Art and play therapy
  • Counseling
  • Remedial teaching
  • Psycho-educational assessments ("Ivchun Psycho-didacti")
  • Child Behavior and Development Evaluation Center
  • Educational assessments
  • Mercaz Rakefet Parent Lending Library
  • Health Funds
  • Afternoon Enrichment Activities at Mercaz Rakefet

Tzohar - A Window Between Worlds

Where walls exist between the religiously observant and secular communities in Israel, Tzohar opens a window and works to encourage unity within the Jewish nation. Tzohar are building better relationships between Israel's diverse, multi-cultural Jewish populations, who have become polarized over issues of politics and social concern, with a loss of respect for the opinions of others.

Tzohar's primary goal is to empower educators to communicate with those for whom religion is a peripheral but still necessary part of their lives. Tzohar activities are based on feelings of loyalty to the State of Israel and its traditions.

Tzohar has returned religious Zionism to its historic role as a connection between Israel's different communities, and has indeed become 'a window between worlds'.

Shaalei Torah Educational Centers

The organization was started in '88 by Rav Rachamim Nisimi, and deals with various projects aimed at the weaker societies - socially and educationally. Groups of educators go and live in problematic areas and try tackling the issues

Shaalei Torah initiated a new program in 2007 to develop the role of a communal rabbi in the communities. While Rabbis and synagogues are in abundance in Israel, members of traditional communities often have no connection to a community rabbi. Shaalei Torah's goal is to introduce rabbis into traditional communities who will take an active role in the community and build personal relationships with its members. Many of the Shaalei Torah communities also reach out to families in need and children at risk through the establishment of a Warm Home which provides services for children at risk during after school and summer hours. Shaalei Torah also distributes food packages before the holidays, delivered personally by neighbors or community members with the effect of reaching out both financially and socially.

Midreshet Beit Shemesh - For Jewish Enrichment

Midreshet Beit Shemesh (MBS) was established in the year 2000. Its goal is to deepen and enrich the Jewish values in Beit Shemesh. MBS offers a range of activities for students, teenagers and the whole community. The main projects include; teaching in secular elementary schools, helping new immigrants, supporting children at risk and strengthening the connection to the Beit Shemesh area

MBS is a non-profit organization founded by former city council member Ilan Geal-Dor and a number of Beit Shemesh residents. Its mission is to instill in the children and youth of the area a strong connection to Jewish Values, the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. MBS has a presence in all the city's state and state-religious elementary schools, in a majority of the junior high and high schools, and in the special needs elementary school


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